Team Registration FAQs

Team registrations? How does this work?

The team manager is to fill out the registration form and pay the dues. After a team is registered, the league will email the manager a unique link to the liability form for his/her team. All players, including the manager, need to fill out the waiver form. Completion of this form serves as our “official” team roster.

What are the roster requirements?

With this years team registration we are requiring 4 players of either gender.

What if I don’t have all my players lined up right now, can I still register?

Yes, there is no need for managers to have a complete roster at the time they register. For softball we are allowing payments in 2 installments to help managers register sooner without having all the money upfront from players they may not have at the moment.

As a manager do I have to pay the team price by myself?

When you register, all or at least half the registration amount is due at that time. It is the manager’s responsibility to collect the money from his/her players. You can do this prior to registering so you don’t have to front the entire cost, or after you register if it’s not a concern. There are many apps like PayPal and Venmo to make this easy.

Are there refunds?

Yes refunds will be made until the registration deadline. In the event of a season cancelation after the season begins we will refund as much as possible.

Is there a team registration deadline?

There is a deadline for team registrations of December 26.

Is there a deadline for players to fill out their waiver?

While we do want all players to fill out their waiver as quickly as possible, the only deadline is they cannot step on the field/court/lane unless it’s turned in. Managers will receive updates when their players submit the form online.

What if I don’t have a team, can I still sign up?

We have a Free Agent form for individuals who do not have a team. After you fill out the form we’ll be in contact with the registered managers to see if they are interested in picking up additional players.

With the team registration, are jerseys ordered for us?

No, teams are on their own for their jerseys. You may choose whichever vendor is best for you. We do have a relationship with Bear Prints whose printed our jerseys for years. Bear Prints at 541.388.1274.

If teams are ordering their own jerseys, what are the requirements?

We are asking teams to have matching shirts with numbers. If teams wish to have their names printed on their jerseys, they may do so. In choosing styles and graphics, please demonstrate decorum that is appropriate for a church family atmosphere.

We are a returning team, but have new players. How do we order our jerseys from last year?

Contact Bear Prints and tell them you are playing with Legacy Sports. Contact Bear Prints at 541.388.1274. You should refer to Legacy Sports. The info you need is: the sport, team name, gender, shirt size and number.